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Temporarily changed opening hours:

Due to maintenance work, we are currently only open from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm!

24/7 ServiceStore

With our new 24/7 ServiceStore at Ostbahnhof Berlin, you can now experience shopping in a completely different way thanks to Pick&Go - around the clock and without queuing: Pick out products and simply take them with you, then pay automatically when you leave the store. This is what shopping will look like in the future.

Start your smart shopping experience in just 4 steps!

1. Register

Visit the 24/7 ServiceStore web app, register with your personal details and deposit a valid means of payment.

2. Check-in

You can access the store with your individual QR code generated in the web app. Just hold your smartphone up to the scanner on the gate.

3. Shopping

Take the products you need. They will be automatically captured and added to your cart in the web app. Don't want it after all? No problem: just put it back.

4. Check-out

To complete and pay for your purchase, simply exit the 24/7 ServiceStore with your selected products. Payment is then made automatically via the web app. There you will also receive a proof of purchase after a short time.

Start your smart shopping experience in just 4 steps!

How to find us

Our 24/7 ServiceStore is located on the first floor of Berlin Ostbahnhof, diagonally opposite the DB Reisezentrum, at the corner of the Westtunnel. Coming from the main hall, simply walk in the direction of the Koppenstraße exit through the shopping arcade and you will reach the 24/7 ServiceStore directly.

Berlin Ostbahnhof